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High-end emotional lighting design for business

Exclusive lighting design and lighting planning for luxury fashion retail, hospitality, private homes and much more.

Lighting and feelings are strongly connected to each other. People and their emotions represent the key in dealing with artificial light. For Walter Amort lighting design is therefore much more than just simply lighting. An appealing staging through light emphasizes the value of the products and creates an ideal image in the eyes of the viewer. The light should emotionally touch the visitor/consumer and lead him through the sensory world of luxury fashion, culinary delights, finest vacations and comfortable living.
Studio Amort works independently and yet is internationally networked to offer its customers individually tailored and exclusive lighting design with high-end products. Great importance is attached to close cooperation with architects, interior designers and manufacturers as well as to the highest quality of the lamps in order to develop a completely harmonious lighting concept.

Our Projects
Lighting and emotions Inspired

Whether elegant and bright, romantic, glamorous, artistically sophisticated, timeless, rocky, dynamic sinuous or luminous - lighting should emotionally touch, guide and seduce.