Studio Amort
Light up your business.

Emotional lighting design to create unique atmospheres

Since 1998, Studio Amort has been creating lighting design worldwide for numerous important high-end retail brands, luxury restaurants and discerning private clients.

The light in nature is always a source of inspiration for his work. Whether dawn (diffuse light - cold light colour), sunshine (brilliant light with shadow - warm light colour), sunset (flat red light - strong warm light colour) or cloudy sky (diffuse light without shadow - cold light colour), everyday lighting situations in nature arouse emotions and affect us humans. Artificial lighting in shops, restaurants or homes can influence people in the same way and create the mood for the expected ideal image. For this, it is always necessary to consider the type of product or services offered as well as the desired target group.
Because of the various stimuli to which we are constantly exposed, it is all the more important to set the right stage for the product in order to draw attention to itself and leave a lasting impression. An emotional product presentation imprints itself on the subconscious and is stored as a positive experience in connection with the brand. Likewise, a visit to a restaurant with properly and carefully selected lighting will be remembered as a pleasant stay.

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